About Me

Marianne is a Level 1 Precision Nutrition Coach and is currently a mentor for Precision Nutritions elite coaching program. Upbeat, optimistic, and energetic, Marianne is a family and fitness-focused woman who, with intelligence, verve, and determination, has turned her passion for health and fitness for the past 27 years into her profession as a Precision Nutrition Coach. As a former client of the program, Marianne fully believes in the power of Precision Nutrition’s unique program to create long lasting success with habit building. The program is designed to cultivate habits that a client can use to create lifestyle changes which result in weight loss and overall control over their own health. She knows first hand of the transformative results of PN’s unique client focused program and because of her results, she wanted to help coach others to reach their own goals. 

Precision Nutrition uses a science backed nutritional progression model that helps you change your habits. Its the opposite of a diet, and it actually works. This program has been tested for 15 years, on more than over 125,000 people and is the most sustainable, whole food nutrition program available. 

Marianne believes that there is no quick fix or magic pill, and that establishing healthy habits that are fun and completely doable promote real change.  Her coaching regime that she designs will be specifically for you and will be fun, engaging and nothing too complicated. In between coaching clients, she is a full time mom who enjoys healthy cooking for her husband and 3 sons and enjoys running, weight training and mountain biking. Her long term goals include opening up an affordable full service wellness center for all people to be able to benefit from.