Hows that working for ya?

Sometimes we have to ask ourselves the tough questions.. For me, one is "hows that working for ya?"  When we know that something we are doing isn't working or getting the results we want we must act on that.. Accept that its not getting us closer to our goals, maybe it is even getting us further away from them... Take a step back, examine, collect some data on your actions and then analyze the data.. Don't judge - just analyze.   Take that information and come up with another plan.  Journaling your food intake and exercise is a great way to see what is REALLY going on...  Consistency before complaints.  

A little more on "Less is More"

Wanted to continue some more with my less is more post.   I think this is a handy tool when you're especially feeling overwhelmed and stressed.    Let's think about cutting back to the purest essentials kind of like hunkering down, battening down the hatches.   I usually refer to this as "running on minimal power, my power reserve."  When I get to this point, I have usually over extended myself with commitments.   When you reach this point how about doing only what's necessary, the most important things.  And try to get these, let's say.. 3 things done first thing in the morning.  After that, all else will seem easy.  Cut back on answering emails and texts maybe leave emails for twice a day instead of scanning them all day long.    It's OK to reply to emails with less than 10 words they don't have to be an elaborate reply.  There are many ways to use "less is more" in your life.  


Less IS More?

When I thought about starting to blog.. I thought I did not want to create 1000 blogs that were... Lets say, mediocre... I wanted blogs that are GREAT!  Ok, yes.... I am setting the bar high.. BUT, why not?  Less IS More!! Yes, lets cut back on multitasking.. Lets FOCUS on one thing at at time Your goals, is what you're doing now bringing you closer to them? Or FURTHER away?  Set some limits, clear out your head and free up some space for the things that bring you joy, the things that truely count.. The things that bring you CLOSER to your goals! Not further away.  

Weekenditis and nighttime overeating

Weekend - It is Friday, so lets plan, strategize and try to stay focused.  Think about your weekend and what is on your calendar.  Plan ahead for parties and social gatherings you can still eat healthy if you plan on the things that are coming up.  You are in control here, stay focused on your goals, eat slowly and mindfully.   Try not to let the weekend get you to throw your towel in and go off your healthy habits.  

TMI (too much information)

HIIT, Tabata, Cross Fit, Kettle Bells, 5 day splits, Full body workouts, Cardio vs Weights.. Eat this, not that.. Carbs are good, carbs are bad, Paleo, Atkins, South Beach Diet!!   Had enough yet?? Keep it simple, do what works for YOU!  If you are not sure.. Turn yourself into an experiment.. Collect data, DO NOT JUDGE just collect.  See what works, what FEELS right.   Shut off notifications, some times you just have to hunker down and just KEEP it simple.  How do I do that?  Drop me an email, we'll discuss.  

What do I eat?

What ever I eat... I eat it SLOWLY!  Yes, slowly.. I sit, I enjoy, I savor... I chew! When I first started to focus on this habit I set a timer on my cell phone and would not take my next bite before 45 seconds.. Go ahead.. Give it a try! Why does eating slowly work? Because your bodies fullness cues really take 20 minutes or MORE to figure out that you are full..  Eating slowly brings awareness to WHAT you're eating and how much.  SLOW DOWN for satisfaction!