A little more on "Less is More"

Wanted to continue some more with my less is more post.   I think this is a handy tool when you're especially feeling overwhelmed and stressed.    Let's think about cutting back to the purest essentials kind of like hunkering down, battening down the hatches.   I usually refer to this as "running on minimal power, my power reserve."  When I get to this point, I have usually over extended myself with commitments.   When you reach this point how about doing only what's necessary, the most important things.  And try to get these, let's say.. 3 things done first thing in the morning.  After that, all else will seem easy.  Cut back on answering emails and texts maybe leave emails for twice a day instead of scanning them all day long.    It's OK to reply to emails with less than 10 words they don't have to be an elaborate reply.  There are many ways to use "less is more" in your life.